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Channel 198

Welcome To CCIN!

“CCIN” is Charter Communications Information Network. And “information” is exactly what you’ll find on CCIN, local shows and entertainment. If it’s exciting and local, it’s right here, on CCIN. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best in local programming, plus products and services that we think you’ll enjoy. So sit back and tune in to CCIN, your source for free local programming!

Are You A Business?

Then listen carefully: you need a Charter Communications Business Profile. A Business Profile is a five minute video that tells your prospective customers and clients who you are and what you do. Do you have a great looking product? Share those good looks with the thousands of Charter customers who watch Business Profiles on CCIN. Is your service one that just shouldn’t be missed? Let Charter’s viewers know why they should call you! Click here to learn more about having a Charter Business Profile of your very own.